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Aerin Dahlia Porcelain Flower Sculpture
Aerin Dahlia Porcelain Flower SculptureNew
Item # 17120064AE
Aerin Marguerite Brass Flower Sculpture
Aerin Marguerite Brass Flower SculptureNew
Item # 18120039AE
Aerin Maxime Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Maxime Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 18120038AE
Aerin Bregenz Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Bregenz Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 23094528001AE
Aerin Luc Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Luc Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 171200630AE
Aerin Acorn Sculpture
Aerin Acorn SculptureNew
Item # 19222031AE
Aerin Heart Puzzle Sculpture
Aerin Heart Puzzle SculptureNew
Item # 23114628091AE
Aerin Lily Flower Sculpture
Aerin Lily Flower SculptureNew
Item # 18120040AE
Aerin Antonin Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Antonin Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 18220057AE
Aerin Margot Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Margot Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 23094628100AE
Aerin Damien Sculpture
Aerin Damien SculptureNew
Item # 19222029AE
Aerin Oak Leaf Sculpture
Aerin Oak Leaf SculptureNew
Item # 19222030AE

Aerin is a global luxury lifestyle brand inspired by the signature style of its founder, Aerin Lauder. Based on the premise that living beautifully should be effortless, the brand develops curated collections in the worlds of beauty, fashion accessories, and home decor.
With a passion for art, travel, fashion, and design, Aerin's own lifestyle serves as a focal point of inspirations for the brand. Classic, but always with a modern point of view, every piece is created to make life more beautiful, with a sense of ease and refinement.


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