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Lalique Crystal, Owl Whiskey Decanter
Lalique Crystal, Owl Whiskey Decanter
Item # 1332300
Lalique Saint Hubert Tumbler No 2, Single
Lalique Saint Hubert Tumbler No 2, SingleSale
Item # 1340900
Clearance, Only $179.99
Lalique Double Fish Decanter, Clear
Lalique Double Fish Decanter, ClearNew
Item # 10673300
Lalique Crystal, Royal Crystal Decanter
Lalique Crystal, Royal Crystal Decanter
Item # 1592300
Lalique Crystal, Roxane Crystal Decanter
Lalique Crystal, Roxane Crystal Decanter
Item # 1531100
Lalique Crystal, Louvre Crystal Decanter
Lalique Crystal, Louvre Crystal Decanter
Item # 1589100
Lalique Wingen Water Jug
Lalique Wingen Water JugNew
Item # 10687700
Lalique Wingen Decanter
Lalique Wingen DecanterNew
Item # 10687800
Lalique Wingen Highball
Lalique Wingen HighballNew
Item # 10687900
Lalique Wingen DOF Tumbler
Lalique Wingen DOF TumblerNew
Item # 10688200
Lalique Wingen Tumbler Pair
Lalique Wingen Tumbler PairNew
Item # 10688300
Pair $440.00
Lalique Wingen Tumbler Set of Six
Lalique Wingen Tumbler Set of SixNew
Item # 10688400
Set $1,320.00
Lalique Wingen Ice Bucket
Lalique Wingen Ice BucketNew
Item # 10688500
Lalique Wingen Ice Tongs
Lalique Wingen Ice TongsNew
Item # 10688600
Lalique 100 Points Corks Holder
Lalique 100 Points Corks HolderNew
Item # 10614900

With the growing diversity of cocktails worldwide, 100 Points by James Suckling was created mindful of the today's trends and styles. This revolutionary Wine tasting collection enhances the complexity, richness and subtlety of Wine and Champagne. These unique and universal Crystal Glasses and Crystal Decanters are aimed at enhancing the drinking experience for every palate. Recommended For: Mixed drinks, Scotch and Whiskey, Tom Collins, Dark n Stormy, Screw Driver, Martinis. Handcrafted in France. Crystal Classics is an authorized online dealer of Lalique crystal.

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Crystal Classics is an authorized Lalique online boutique.

René Lalique became synonymous with French Art Nouveau decorative arts. René Lalique was born in 1860 and first began designing fine jewelry in Paris in 1881. Lalique pursued increasingly more innovative experimentation in glass commencing around 1883. Early works used the familiar "lost wax" technique by which the model is made in wax while a mold is formed around the model. Then, the wax is melted and molten glass is poured into the mold. Lalique glass was made in this manner until approximately 1905 at which time the factory was redesigned for a larger production.

As such, the individual uniqueness of each example of Lalique glass came to an end with the end of the one-time only molding technique around wax models. The success of this venture resulted in the opening of his own glassworks at Combs-la-Ville in 1909. During the art nouveau period, Lalique was well known for a wide variety of objects including perfume bottles, vases, inkwells, decorative boxes, and bookends.

Lalique glass is lead based, either mold blown or pressed. Favored motifs during the Art Nouveau period were dancing nymphs, fish, dragonflies, and foliage. Characteristically the glass is crystal in combination with acid-etched relief. In addition to vases, clocks, automobile mascots, stemware, and bottles, many other useful objects were produced. While not well known, Lalique also experimented with bronze and other materials as well.

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