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Steuben Tortoise DOF Glass, Single
Steuben Tortoise DOF Glass, SingleNew
Item # 2311VAA
Steuben Verve Cocktail Glass, Single
Steuben Verve Cocktail Glass, SingleNew
Item # 2420VAA
Steuben Verve DOF Glass, Single
Steuben Verve DOF Glass, SingleNew
Item # 2419VAA
Steuben Verve Pilsner Glass, Single
Steuben Verve Pilsner Glass, SingleNew
Item # 2421VAA
Steuben Whisper Martini Glass, Single
Steuben Whisper Martini Glass, SingleNew
Item # 2599VAA
Steuben Whisper Whiskey Decanter
Steuben Whisper Whiskey DecanterNew
Item # 2597VAA
Steuben Century Champagne Pair
Steuben Century Champagne PairNew
Item # 2505PVAA
Steuben Tortoise Decanter
Steuben Tortoise DecanterNew
Item # 5211VAA
Steuben Tortoise Wine Decanter
Steuben Tortoise Wine DecanterNew
Item # 5413VAA
Steuben Whisper Ice Bucket
Steuben Whisper Ice BucketNew
Item # 2596VAA
Steuben Whisper Wine Decanter
Steuben Whisper Wine DecanterNew
Item # 2598VAA
Steuben Tortoise Ice Bucket
Steuben Tortoise Ice BucketNew
Item # 5215VAA

Crystal Classics is an exclusive, and the only official Steuben online boutique.

At Steuben, luxury is in the details. Flawless by design, Steuben is the epitome of the expression "crystal clear". Exquisitely sculpted, delicately balanced; even the ping of Steuben stemware meeting for a toast is like no other. Refinements such as these, both great and small, bring a level of personal pleasure to life that can only be met when you are surrounded by the best.

Steuben is still made at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York. Traditionally made by hand of skilled American craftsmen, Steuben is the only American luxury crystal. If your road takes you close to upstate New York, please stop by and tour the museum and shop.


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