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Swarovski Replica Set Limited Edition
Swarovski Replica Set Limited EditionNew
Item # 5492741
Swarovski Replica Cat
Swarovski Replica CatNew
Item # 5492740
Swarovski Replica Hedgehog
Swarovski Replica HedgehogNew
Item # 5492739
Swarovski Replica Mouse
Swarovski Replica MouseNew
Item # 5492738
Swarovski Feathered Beauties Blue Jay
Swarovski Feathered Beauties Blue JayNew
Item # 5470647
Swarovski Feathered Beauties Swallows
Swarovski Feathered Beauties SwallowsNew
Item # 5475566
Swarovski Christmas Set 2019
Swarovski Christmas Set 2019New
Item # 5429600
Set $159.00
Swarovski 2019 Little Star Ornament
Swarovski 2019 Little Star OrnamentNew
Item # 5429593
Swarovski Acorn Ornament
Swarovski Acorn OrnamentNew
Item # 5464870
Swarovski Pine Tree
Swarovski Pine TreeNew
Item # 5464871
Swarovski 2019 Winter Star Ornament
Swarovski 2019 Winter Star OrnamentNew
Item # 5464857
Swarovski Mrs. Claus
Swarovski Mrs. ClausNew
Item # 5464887
Swarovski Rocking Elf
Swarovski Rocking ElfNew
Item # 5402745
Swarovski Wreath Ornament, Leaves
Swarovski Wreath Ornament, LeavesNew
Item # 5464866
Swarovski Disney Star Wars C-3PO
Swarovski Disney Star Wars C-3PONew
Item # 5473052
Swarovski Crystal Ocean Anthias Fish
Swarovski Crystal Ocean Anthias FishNew
Item # 5494699
Swarovski Paradise Hummingbird
Swarovski Paradise HummingbirdNew
Item # 5461872
Swarovski Crystal Nature Cat Mother
Swarovski Crystal Nature Cat MotherNew
Item # 5465836
Swarovski Crystal Nature Kitten
Swarovski Crystal Nature KittenNew
Item # 5465837
Swarovski Crystal Nature Stallion
Swarovski Crystal Nature StallionNew
Item # 5470628
Swarovski Asian Icons Tortoise
Swarovski Asian Icons TortoiseNew
Item # 5463874
Swarovski Asian Icons Kumquat Tree
Swarovski Asian Icons Kumquat TreeNew
Item # 5465253
Swarovski Santa's Gift Bag Wagon
Swarovski Santa's Gift Bag WagonNew
Item # 5464864
Swarovski Winter Sparkle Ibex
Swarovski Winter Sparkle IbexNew
Item # 5464877
Swarovski Winter Sparkle Squirrel
Swarovski Winter Sparkle SquirrelNew
Item # 5464879
Swarovski SCS Little Star Ornament
Swarovski SCS Little Star OrnamentNew
Item # 5476002
Swarovski SCS Baby Picco
Swarovski SCS Baby PiccoNew
Item # 5464946
Swarovski One Bracelet, Red, Rhodium
Swarovski One Bracelet, Red, RhodiumNew
Item # 5456813
Swarovski Oz Pierced Earrings, White, Gold
Swarovski Oz Pierced Earrings, White, GoldNew
Item # 5467320
Pair $59.00
Swarovski One Pendant, Red, Rhodium
Swarovski One Pendant, Red, RhodiumNew
Item # 5446301
Swarovski Lovely Necklace, Red, Gold
Swarovski Lovely Necklace, Red, GoldSale
Item # 5465683
Now Only $99.00
Swarovski Oz Necklace, White, Gold
Swarovski Oz Necklace, White, GoldNew
Item # 5455519
Swarovski Oz Pendant, White, Gold
Swarovski Oz Pendant, White, GoldNew
Item # 5459394
Swarovski Lifelong Bow Set, White, Rhodium
Swarovski Lifelong Bow Set, White, RhodiumNew
Item # 5470594
Set $129.00
Swarovski One Set, Multi Colored, Rose Gold
Swarovski One Set, Multi Colored, Rose GoldNew
Item # 5470897
Set $149.00
Swarovski One Set, Red, Rhodium
Swarovski One Set, Red, RhodiumNew
Item # 5470602
Set $149.00

Crystal Classics is one of the largest independent Swarovski online boutiques.
Three times winner of the Daniel Swarovski Award as the best Swarovski retailer!

Pioneers were always way ahead of their time. In their minds they conceived the inconceivable. In their fantasies they created the impossible. When he invented an automatic cutting machine at the end of the 19th Century, Daniel Swarovski opened the door to a world of fantasy. The magic word was crystal. A raw material, which even the most ancient cultures ascribed beneficial, valuable, indeed miraculous properties. Born to a glass cutter in North Bohemia, today a part of the Czech Republic, young Daniel Swarovski completed a two-year apprenticeship in his father's small factory. Here, he gained expertise in cutting glass. During this time, in 1892, he invented a machine that revolutionized the process of crystal cutting. He filed for patents soon after.

In 1895, he founded the company Swarovski. He realized that he needed more water, power and a factory building in order for his plans to manifest. In addition, he needed to move away from competitiors to keep his inventions a secret. So, he chose to settle in Wattens, Tyrol, Austria. In 1976, the first Silver Crystal Mouse was the first ever figurine created using chandelier parts. Representative of the Olympic Winter Games taking place in Innsbruck at the time, it also marked a historical step forward in the world of crystal. A Replica Mouse is available today.

Crystal Classics is accepting Swarovski discount vouchers and will match the prices on Swarovski offers from other sites.

For health reasons we can not accept returns or exchanges on earrings.

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